Galileo the Astronomer: Why The Church Was Wrong


earlier than the yr 1500 the church had an giant have an impact on on the thinking of the person in the street. The church dictated what the common individual should suppose and will even sentence to loss of life a person who differed from their questioning. that modified after 1600 however it did not manifest speedy.

The medical method

The younger Galileo built at the thoughts of Copernicus, Kepler and Tycho Brahe. He used his children to test new ideas. He dropped things from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to record their speed and time the took in falling. He observed Aristotle became incorrect announcing that a heavy object might fall quicker than a lighter one. He calculated the rate and found out they dropped at the equal speed.

The Telescope

Fired on by means of his achievement Galileo constructed his personal telescope and posted the Starry messenger newsletter explaining his new observations. The 4 biggest moons of Jupiter, the craters at the moon and the darkish spots on the solar.

struggle with the Church

What Galileo said become that the Earth become now not that special and that it become most effective one of the planets circling the solar. This worried the church. If humans realized their teaching had been incorrect, they could begin to question different teachings additionally.

In 1616 the church warned Galileo not to aid the ideas of Copernicus but Galileo knew what turned into right and in 1632 he posted the talk regarding the two leader global structures. The ebook confirmed why he supported Copernicus as opposed to Ptolemy.

The Inquisition

The Pope summoned Galileo to Rome to face trial earlier than the Inquisition. right here he had to study out a confession. That he cursed and detested the errors and heresies of Copernicus and that he could in no way once more say or assert that would motive a similar suspicion. Galileo died in 1642 and even though he stopped announcing what he believed, his books did.

The year 1992

The Vatican officially acknowledged that Galileo become accurate in declaring that the Earth revolves across the solar. This came after a 13-12 months take a look at of what had came about to Galileo by means of a technological know-how panel. The panel concluded that the church leaders were incorrect but had acted in exact faith.


these days we will rarely think how humans could have believed the Earth became the center of the Universe. This is straightforward for us due to the fact we are instructed the Earth is not the center of the Universe. but, the general public will still accept as true with this if they needed to determine it out themselves. human beings which includes Galileo should determine these things out with out assist. He knew the truth become some thing else and although he needed to declare that his ideas have been wrong, he knew that he, Copernicus and Kepler were correct. sadly for him he become born in advance of his time and the church of the time had been not in a position and open enough to admit their ideas have been incorrect.

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